Medical Equipment: Why Practices Are Turning to Leasing Agreements

When you run a practice, it is inevitable that you will need more equipment or need to upgrade at some point. Instead of shelling out a large amount of cash or getting a loan, leasing medical equipment is an option that is gaining popularity. Explore the benefits and keep this information in mind for the next time you need to acquire equipment.

No Worries About Incomplete Financing

Medical equipment is pricey and if you apply for a loan, you may not get the total amount you need to cover the costs. When you lease, there is no worry about this because you are not securing the financing before getting the equipment. This allows you to conserve capital so that you have backup money if your practice needs it.

Equipment Flexibility

When it comes to medicine, you know that new technology is born all of the time and this means that you have to upgrade to keep up. If during your lease term, new technology becomes available, you can usually upgrade or add so that you are always providing your patients with the most upgraded care options.

Easier Payment Options

When you lease medical equipment, there are usually different lease terms that you can choose from based on the needs of your practice. With these different options comes different payment options. You can examine the budget of your practice and determine what you can afford every month. For example, if your practice budget is $1,500, you can let the company know your budget, the type of equipment you need and they will work with you so that you get what you need without breaking your budget. This is true whether you lease one item or multiple items.

Get Everything with Your Lease

When you lease a piece of equipment, you get not only the physical equipment, but everything needed to use it. This includes things like the necessary software, training on the equipment and any servers you have to use. This reduces your need to spend money on these extras and it saves time because you get everything at once. All of this is calculated into your monthly payment, furthering the budget benefits of leasing.

Consider leasing your medical equipment to save yourself worry and not have to deal with large upfront payments or loans. This is a relatively simple option and you can usually get your equipment faster so that you have what you need to provide your patients the best care.


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