Managing Growth With Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing can help you out in a variety of different ways. Here at BrightLink Capital, we want to help you serve your customers better, even if you’re struggling with rapid growth or periods of high demand.

High Growth

If your customers suddenly have a high demand for your products, then it can cause your operating expenses to spike. Although this often means that your business is being successful, it can also cripple your company before it even has a chance to take off. Some businesses find themselves unable to pay for the inventory, materials, or merchandise which will lead to greater profit down the road. In cases like these, purchase order financing can help you acquire a loan to help your business grow.

Business Types

Many different businesses can take advantage of programs like these, such as importers and exporters, wholesalers, retailers, and resellers. They can be beneficial for producers and manufacturers as well. They are especially useful when a business is a startup, has little access to capital, or is struggling with cash flow.

Get Started

This kind of program can help a company increase market share, build long-term profits, and improve customer service. It is quick, easy, and flexible, and doesn’t require you to sell equity. Contact one of our associates today to learn more about your options.